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It would please me to think that the words here are muttered inside heads. Not lived by nor doted upon but used to pursue courage. Perhaps this is in the face of a decision, or perhaps to encourage adventurous notions, making someone go where otherwise may have been left undiscovered. This is the influence that I would like these words to have - discovery and adventure - whether that be within the being or within the world.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012


The things that they aspire to have change, shifted beyond recognition.The values that they live by and the parts of life that they love have swung a trajectory that has landed in a place that is not better nor worse than where is started. For all things are equal.

Where before the ironic concreteness and stability of religion inspired people to give their lives and everyday thoughts, now freedom and liberty replace these in a world that gives so much stability that people struggle to retain their belief of free will and self control. As people persuade themselves in their daily lives of their liberty, you see them acting dramatically and desperately in ways which perhaps do nothing but define their chains to societal expectations

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